Nutrim Success KitNutrim® is the 100% natural oat ß-glucan super-food developed and patented by the USDA.  Nutrim® delivers high levels of oat ß-glucans, the most studied portion of oats for lowering cholesterol naturally.  Nutrim®’s unique processing breaks tough oat cell walls and unleashes oat ß-glucans, making them more available to the body, and simple to add to any meal.  It’s easy to maintain heart healthy habits when Nutrim is in the mix!  Using Nutrim® is so simple!  Just stir 1 scoop into 8 oz. of a favorite beverage and just about any food.  It adds a creamy texture to orange juice and even makes smoothies smoother and adds a cholesterol lowering boost.

– 750 mg Oat-ß-glucans Per Serving
– 100% Natural and Safe
– USDA Developed
– Clinically Studied
– Qualifies for the FDA Heart Health Claim