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Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions. But, is it possible we are still not eating enough food to be healthy? That is, “real food”? Many of the foods that we eat have been so heavily processed that it may be arguably unreasonable to call them food. Unless, of course, we choose to define “food” as anything that we put into our mouths, chew and swallow. Food is meant to supply more than calories or fuel. It should even supply more than just vitamins and minerals. Food has a quality that is not easily accounted for by what you find on a nutrition label. If the body were a simple machine, then today’s food might be sufficient. However, the body is highly complex, far beyond anything ever created by man. Today’s Foods Weren’t Necessarily Designed to Meet the Body’s Needs The body is constantly carrying out billions of reactions everyday and real food can perfectly provide what is needed to efficiently carry out bodily processes. Often, when we alter food through modern food processing, many of the beneficial components are destroyed or removed. Much of the processing creates calorie-rich, nutrient-stripped ingredients such as refined flour, sugar and oil. These ingredients are in many processed foods. It could be argued that, rather than calling many of these products “food”, maybe they could be more aptly termed “feed”, similar to the feed used to fatten cattle. Synthetic nutrients that are derived from petroleum, coal tar and genetically modified organisms are also added to the diet to improve flavor, nutrition and our “dining experience”.  Many of these synthetic nutrients are poorly absorbed and utilized by the body. Real, Whole Foods for Optimal Health Real food naturally packages nutrients for optimal absorption and utilization. Real, whole, plant-based food is also rich in thousands of phytochemicals that have been reported to provide incredible health benefits in clinical research. Food imitators, containing just a few dozen isolated nutrients and calories, can never fulfill the body’s need for real, whole foods. Real, whole food empowers the body to get the most out of life: focused concentration, high-powered energy, optimal weight control, sound sleep, super-fueled strength and endurance, high level defense from toxins, optimum stress management. Calorie rich, nutrient-poor processed foods only promote over-eating and weight gain and do not supply the variety of food components that help us to have optimal health. These missing food components hold the key to unlocking the healing potential of the body. FutureCeuticals’ Passion to Unlock Food’s Power Understanding the power of food is what drives FutureCeuticals to better understand the millions of ways that food and all its components affect the body’s natural healing processes and help it to perform at its optimal level. From ORAC testing at the beginning of the millenium to biomarker and gene-expression research today, we are digging deeper into food in order to uncover its power for healthy

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