Is Nutrim® Really Different Than Oatmeal?

People may wonder how a product made purely from oats can be distinct from oatmeal. There are 3 main differences between Nutrim® and oatmeal that make it different.

1. Liberated Oat ß-glucans
Decades of research shows that oat ß-glucans lower cholesterol naturally via several mechanisms. In oatmeal, the ß-glucans are held within the cell wall. Nutrim®’s ß-glucans have been liberated from the tough oat cell wall using the Trim® process. This USDA developed, 100% natural, patented processing makes ß-glucans, and their benefits, more accessible to the body.

2. Enjoy Nutrim® Anytime:
Oatmeal is typically eaten at breakfast. While it can make for a healthy start to the day, people typically add fat and sugar to oatmeal to improve the taste. Plus, eating the same morning meal each day can become mundane.

Nutrim®, on the other hand, can be enjoyed with virtually any meal. It is easy to mix into foods or beverages, so it is simple to get the benefits of oat ß-glucans anywhere – at anytime of day. It can even be used to replace fats! There are plenty of recipes to explore, or experiment with your own family classics.

3. Potent, Consistent ß-glucans Content:
Oatmeal contains about 3% ß-glucans. Nutrim’s contains 10% ß-glucans. It is tested and standardized to meet this mark. Nutrim® users know that they will consistently get this potent amount of ß-glucans with each serving – and all the benefits that come with it.

Oatmeal can make an excellent heart healthy breakfast – when extra sugar and fat are not piled on. Nutrim®, however, can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, in virtually anything. Nutrim®’s versatility and potent amount of liberated ß-glucans make it easy to get the cholesterol fighting portion of oats, all throughout the day. These differences make Nutrim® an easy choice for anyone trying to lower cholesterol naturally.